I provide individual and couples counseling in Portland Oregon in a safe, collaborative environment. I help people naturally change their lives as they work to  grow and to resolve problems.  Deciding to take the step of seeing a therapist takes courage and thoughtfulness.  Finding the right counselor for you is important.   My philosophy is simple:  I want to help you.  All of us face challenges along the road of life and we have an innate need to grow and become more of who we were meant to be.  It is important to attend to those parts of ourselves that urge us toward our own wisdom.  Friends and family can be supportive, but they cannot take the place of a good therapist.  A trained professional helps alleviate emotional distress and provide a forum for your own intuition and insight to emerge. I provide that service in the context of cooperation and non-judgement.  I have deep respect for how vulnerable you might feel and a desire to work with you at your own pace. I am direct and caring. 
I offer you an opportunity to face your difficulties constructively and confidently; freeing you to enjoy all the good things life has to offer.  Give me a call. I would love an opportunity to meet with you  and see if my practice is right for you.
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