Are you anxious, depressed, having relationship issues?  Are you going through a loss or a major life transition? Would you like to work with someone who understands these issues in many contexts and can offer honest openness as you deepen into yourself?  Do you want to work with someone who has traveled a similar path and wrestled with their own depths and emotions?  To deepen into these significant life experiences? Do you want to feel safe and valued enough to risk being known? Do you want to be pushed a bit to find your strength and own inner wisdom? Is it important that someone listen and build trust with you? Is spirituality and self awareness an important part of your life? I bring a holistic approach, both practical & spiritual which includes emotions, thoughts and behavior as aspects of our unfolding into our lives and ourselves. I utilize a variety of philosophies and psychological approaches.  I offer the opportunity for the type of experience described above.  Life is meant to be lived deeply and fully and relationship is a means to that journey.